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Virtual consultations are conducted through online platforms or by phone. This can be useful for obtaining preliminary advice or monitoring specific medical conditions.

It is important to consider that online consultations have limitations and should not replace in-person evaluation by a healthcare professional.

How can we assist you?

Describe your issue to us and send us a contact request. Knowing your needs helps us respond as accurately as possible.

Key Services Included:

  • Medical / Physiatry Consultations:
    For clarification of doubts regarding the guidance to be given for previously diagnosed pathology, as well as in the choice of the most suitable Therapeutic Program.

  • Physiotherapy Consultation:
    For clarification in the selection of programs most appropriate to the already diagnosed pathology.

  • Nursing Consultation:
    For clarification regarding instituted medication, guidance on postoperative care, and teaching rules for prevention and treatment in Chronic Disease.

  • Contact Request