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The collection and storage of personal data by Clicais Lda – the data controller – ensure the security of databases through appropriate policies and measures to prevent unauthorized access and use and to respond to potential intrusions, minimizing possible effects. In the context of collecting information from customers and suppliers, and due to legal obligations, our services collect, process, and archive the necessary personal data for processes and submitted documents, both in physical and digital formats.

The collected data is processed within the company's administrative process, with the information stored permanently, in both physical and digital formats, with no provision for its destruction (or forgetting). The data subject can request, at any time, the verification of archived personal data and can proceed with the updating of personal data, excluding those legally protected.

Clicais Lda does not provide, through any means, the collected and stored data to third-party entities and only uses personal data according to the purpose for which they were collected and authorized for use. However, due to its status as a public utility, official entities under supervision or judicial authorities, within their competencies, may request access to personal data, cases in which the transmission of such data is ensured, and the record of this act is maintained.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, data subjects are ensured access to the provided data, allowing them to check, request correction, or update all or part of the data at any time, if applicable.

Whenever requested and upon the expiration of the granted authorization period for the use of personal data, this information is deleted from the system.

The institution has a Data Protection Officer, Francisco Machado, who can be contacted via email: or by phone: +351919886477 (Cost of a call to the national mobile network).

In case of doubt or conflict not resolved by the Controller or the Data Protection Officer, the competent authority is the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), Rua de São Bento 148, 1200-031 Lisbon, Tel. 21 392 84 00, email:, accessible online at

We use personal data only for:

  • Requesting information through the designated form on the website
  • Contacting the Clinica do Exercício for appointment scheduling;
  • Sending information via email attachment;
  • Online appointment scheduling through audio/video communication platforms.

Cookies and File Logging

Cookies may be used on some pages of our website "Cookies" are small text files located on your hard drive that allow us to provide you with a more personalized experience on the website. For example, a cookie can be used to store login information in a site area so that the user does not have to provide it again on a subsequent visit to this area.

It is the policy of to use cookies to facilitate the navigation of visitors on our site, as well as to assist in efficient registration procedures. If the use of cookies concerns you, many browsers allow you to reject them. In most cases, a visitor can refuse a cookie and continue browsing websites. To manage our website, we may anonymously log information on our operating systems, identifying categories of visitors by items such as domains or types of browsers. These statistics are reported collectively to our Web Administrator.

In this way, we ensure that our site provides the best web experience for visitors, serving as an effective information resource.

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